Must Try Traditional and Real Pakistani desi food

October 15, 2023

Be it from the highest peak of the Himalayas or the street food of Karachi and Lahore, Pakistani food blended with combinations of amazing spices never disappoints you. Foodies who enjoy sweet, spicy, and exotic flavors will find something to enjoy in Pakistan’s diverse and nutritious cuisine.

While some of these meals may be found in other subcontinental cuisines, such as India and Bangladesh, the preparation, spices, and other ingredients will vary by location and country.

What’s Special About Pakistani Food

Traditional Pakistani food is popular all over the world due to its bright flavors and colorful appearance. Pakistani cuisine, which is complemented by a diverse spectrum of spices prevalent in the region, is a major draw for visitors to the nation.

You may have heard of several renowned Pakistani delicacies such as Pakistani biryani, karahi, pathoray, and paya. However, you will be surprised by the breadth and diversity of Pakistani cuisine and culture.

Eating good cuisine is a passion among Pakistanis, and they cook it with love and care. Here, you can eat a range of sweet and savory Pakistani meals with a diverse flavor profile.

Best and Real Pakistani Desi Food in Chicago

Missing a desi food in Chicago? Here is what you can find and must try on your next dine-in or order plan.

●     Sindhi biryani

Every other rice dish pales in contrast to biryani. Layered between yogurt-marinated meats, acidic tomato gravy, saffron milk, fresh mint, whole green chilis, and dried plums is fluffy basmati rice. While biryani is known by numerous names throughout South Asia, the Persian term for fried rice is birinj biriyan.

Sindhi biryani, a decadent meal that originated in the south-eastern state of Sindh, is today enjoyed on special occasions such as weddings and Eid al-Fitr. It’s packed, which means the ingredients are pre-boiled before being placed in a pot, sealed, and gently cooked over an open fire (on dum). It’s hotter than the others, with a pungent and peppery flavor, as well as zesty sourness from fresh yogurt and dried plums, which introduce intricate combinations of spicy-sour overtones.

●     Halwa Puri

Halwa puri is a delicacy and one of Pakistan’s greatest cuisines. It is a sweet and savory weekend breakfast that is well-known throughout the region, but it is especially popular in the huge city of Lahore.

It’s a delectable breakfast buffet that includes flaky and soft pooris (fried flatbread), chickpea curry, and semolina pudding.

●     Kheer (Pakistani Rice Pudding)

The Sanskrit word for “milk” inspired the name “kheer.” This Pakistani rice pudding is a creamy and sweet delicacy that is typically offered during Eid al Fitr.

Kheer should have a consistency that is neither too runny nor too thick. It’s flavored with fragrant ingredients like cloves, saffron, and nutmeg before being topped with cashews, dried fruits, and green cardamom.

Bottom Line

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