A guide to Pakistani and Indian grilled delicacies

August 20, 2023

If you are a foreigner and crave to have Pakistani and Indian taste flavors, Ali Nihari Restaurant is here to give you all you need. So, who doesn’t love a grilled delicacy? Well, it has a mouthwatering taste that is always hard to forget. If you live in Chicago and looking for BBQ and Kababs in Chicago, we have got your back.

Top Pakistani and Indian Grilled delicacies

Pakistan and India have all the best foods in the world. When we talk about grilled delicacies, there are some special dishes. So, here is a short list of it.

Pakistani Grilled Delicacies:

●     Chicken Tikka:

A beloved dish featuring marinated chicken pieces expertly grilled to achieve perfection. It is commonly accompanied by naan or rice.

●     Seekh Kebab:

An exquisite kebab variant crafted from minced meat harmoniously blended with aromatic spices and grilled on skewers. It is frequently presented with chutney and naan.

●     Malai Boti:

An indulgent and rich creation where marinated chicken, grilled impeccably, exudes a creamy and full-bodied essence. Typically partnered with naan or rice.

●     Behari Kebab:

A tantalizing and zesty kebab preparation utilizing beef marinated in a tantalizing amalgamation of spices and yogurt. It is often enjoyed with naan or rice.

Indian Grilled Delicacies:

●     Tandoori Chicken:

A well-liked dish featuring marinated chicken cooked in a tandoor oven, often served with naan or rice.

●      Chicken Tikka:

A favored dish consisting of marinated chicken pieces expertly grilled, often accompanied by naan or rice.

●     Seekh Kebab:

A kebab variety prepared by mixing minced meat with spices, skewer-grilled, and commonly served with chutney and naan.

●     Paneer Tikka:

A vegetarian delight made with marinated paneer (Indian cheese), skillfully grilled, and typically enjoyed with naan or rice.

Differences between Pakistani and Indian grilled dishes

Pakistani and Indian grilled dishes share similarities and differences, especially for BBQ and Kabab enthusiasts in Chicago. Here’s what sets them apart:

●     Meat Usage:

In Pakistan, meat is used generously, especially during celebrations, whereas Indian cuisine boasts an array of vegetarian dishes.

●     Spiciness:

Indian food leans toward spiciness, frequently featuring spices like Hing, mustard seeds, and curry leaves. Pakistani cuisine opts for simpler flavors.

●     Coconut Influence:

Southern Indian dishes often incorporate coconut, a rarity in Pakistani cooking.

●     Vegetable and Herb Variety:

Indians typically enjoy more vegetables and a broader range of herbs than Pakistanis.

●     Bread Diversity:

Pakistani bread is varied, while Indian bread is mainly made from wheat flour and cooked in a tandoor oven.

Bottom Line

With the BBQ and Kababs in Chicago, you can choose grilled or simple. Name the Indian grilled delicacy or Paksitani, we at Ali Nihari Restaurant can offer you all. So, if you have the urge to feel amazing with Indian or Pakistani dishes, come to us now. We are waiting. Go through the menu and you will have all the cuisines you have been craving from Asia.